Wednesday, February 3, 2010

All About the Birds

Our most recent trip to the zoo was all about penguins, eagles, lorikeets, owls and ducks!!  (Okay, and a cougar, some primates and a few elephants.)  Elora's favorite animal is, for some unknown reason, always the ducks.  Samudra, our friendly neighborhood baby elephant, was out on a walk, touring the yard and giving us a lot of fun from the elephant overlook.  One of the cougars was...sitting? a tree, much to the amusement of everyone watching.  Amarra and Elora got the penguins to follow them all over the place ad they ran back and forth past the viewing glass in the penguin exhibit.  We met a screech owl (they're so small!) named Rosita who was out on a walk, and watched the penguins get fed and got to ask their keeper lots of questions.  The eagles showed their stuff for us and Amarra positively freaked out seeing the saw-whet owls (they're new) for the first time...they're like the owl version of Thumbelina.  We climbed all over the sculpture garden and fed the lorikeets (Amarra was very brave when one landed on her head, and Elora is the only person I have ever seen be able to charm them into climbing right on to her hand and hanging out with her when she didn't even have any nectar left to give it).  Next time I think we'll go to Point Defiance Zoo and show Daddy the sharks!  Can't wait!

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J+M+S said...

Love the pictures...looks like you all had a blast!!! SHARK ATTACK>>>AHHHHHH!!!