Friday, July 31, 2009

Tinkerbell Twinkletoes

Joel grabbed the camera and caught Elora putting on a show for Amarra in the living room. Gotta love it.

Long Beach!

We couldn't leave without a farewell to the Ocean!! We played out on Long Beach in the sand and the surf before hopping in the car to head home! (Since it was 60 degrees at the beach and 107 at home, we took our sweet time!!)

Jake the Alligator Man (and the 2-headed cow)

After we left the campsite we headed to Long Beach and Marsh's Free Museum.. home of such oddities as good ol' Jake and Nonni's cow. Then we wandered about town, visited some arcades and a shooting gallery, rode the carousel and visited lots of statues and sculptures. I found a great little used bookstore, Banana Books, where Seleia and I picked up the greatly anticipated Prince Caspian. (No luck on Jellybeans for Breakfast!) We ate lunch outside by the beach, bought Joel a cool new pirate beanie and visited the cool beach shops. Even Charlie the Hermit Crab got a new "Hermie Hut" with a surfer painted on the side. And, of course, we got a bunch of salt-water taffy!

More Camping Fun!

Benson Beach!!

We all had great fun, Elora jeered (Nyah nyah-nyah nyah nyah!) and waggled her little booty at the waves (they showed her!) while she and Amarra leapt into the surf and ran away from the big waves, and Seleia learned to body surf (In water she could stand in, bien sur). There is nothing like an afternoon playing in the Pacific Ocean!! (No, the Atlantic just doesn't measure up!)

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Cape Disappointment Lighthouse

We ventured, for the second time, the mile hike to the Cape Disappointment Lighthouse....... we got to play in the old, abandoned barracks on the way and enjoy some spectacular scenery!!

Just Hangin' Out