Friday, July 30, 2010

Princess Tea

Saturday was my first post-hospital, non-doctor related outing...and what fun!  The girls and I attended a Princess Tea put on for the young ladies at our church. (The girls had sold quite a few tickets, so we couldn't miss it!)  It was a very fancy affair, with lovely treats, tiaras and boas for all.  After we ate, the girls listened to Gigi, God's Little Princess, a book we're fond of because it very clearly states that we are all true princesses, for we are daughters of the King!  We got to sit with Miss Elizabeth and Amarra played a perpetual game of peek-a-boo with Miss Morgan, who was at the next table.  Elora ate and drank everything with her pinkie up, and Seleia kept her tiara on for about 3 days afterward.  Said Seleia, "This is the best thing ever!"

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Summer Fun!

Sunday was our annual church picnic at Abrams Park.  It was HOT!  (Okay, the 90's are really hot here in the Northwest!)  We loved the chance to enjoy the food, fun and friends!  Amarra got to play with bf Morgan while Seleia and Elora went crawdad catching in the creek...later Amarra joined them and ended up IN the (shallow) creek, which plenty of other children seemed to think was a good, of course, they went in after her!  There was a search for candy through a haystack (apparently more fun than looking for a needle!) and a water balloon fight, but the hilarity started when a pack of regular balloons came out and, when filled with water, would NOT pop!  After a few people about got their heads knocked off and a few others played water balloon keep-away, the knots came out of the balloons and they were turned into surprisingly effective water guns! I think that particular water war lasted over an hour but the laughter never died down!  I got to sit in the shade, enjoy great conversation, and soak it all in. (A side note:  Miss Seleia  Vaughn took all of the pictures of the girls in the tree.  Isn't she getting good??)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

And the Winner Is.........

Our rabbit has officially and unanimously been named.... PIPPIN!!

It's....Another Boy!

There has been a long standing joke at the Juhala house that any more pets would, for Joel's sake, most definitely have to be of the male persuasion.  This morning when the girls got home, Joel had a surprise waiting for them!!  We agreed to get a rabbit a few months ago, but due to the way life goes we had put off actually getting one. The girls, however, are constantly checking out all things rabbit whenever we are anywhere near a pet store!  There will be a vote tonight for our new little friend's name.  So far Domino, Merlin, Foofoo, Ikea, Legolas and Steve have all been brought to the table.  Any suggestions??

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Robin Hood

Our new addiction.......I post in Mirriam's the BBC show Robin Hood.  For all of you Netflix junkies, they have seasons (or series...) 1 through 3. (I must admit, Robin Hood is helping to fill the void until Doctor Who Season 5 comes out, but it is a great way to fill the void!  Something fun to watch while on bed rest!)

Celebration Party

Joel took the girls to their VBS celebration party, where they performed the songs and choreography they had worked so hard on all week and got to show off all of the food they had raised for the pantry our church runs to help out those in need (The girls won! They brought more food!) which filled two pallets and then overflowed a little bit!  Afterwords they all had hot dogs, a giant banana split, and hours of fun on the super slide!  VBS Celebration is always one of the girls' favorite events!