Thursday, July 22, 2010

It's....Another Boy!

There has been a long standing joke at the Juhala house that any more pets would, for Joel's sake, most definitely have to be of the male persuasion.  This morning when the girls got home, Joel had a surprise waiting for them!!  We agreed to get a rabbit a few months ago, but due to the way life goes we had put off actually getting one. The girls, however, are constantly checking out all things rabbit whenever we are anywhere near a pet store!  There will be a vote tonight for our new little friend's name.  So far Domino, Merlin, Foofoo, Ikea, Legolas and Steve have all been brought to the table.  Any suggestions??


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Anonymous said...

Now you need a Meriadoc, because we all know Pip cannot function very will without him....... Cute name, Mimi