Monday, June 21, 2010

SonQuest Rainforest

Today from day one of VBS!!  The girls have been looking forward to this for months.  Seleia was such a big girl in the 3rd grade class, and Amarra in Kindergarten!  Elora was a very proud 1st grader, announcing everywhere she went, "MY mama is my teacher!!  She's having a baby!".  We sang, danced, played, made necklaces, learned Psalm 119:11, and had so much fun!  My little group of 1st graders are such characters, I'm more than thoroughly entertained!  We can't wait for pajama day tomorrow!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Guess What We Did Today!

I think the girls spent about 20 minutes inside today.  Sweet.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Our New Toy

Since we moved to our new house there has been somewhat of a standing joke that we're left out...pretty much the only house on the block without a trampoline.  Needless to say, the girls loove to play at the neighbor's house!  Well, the neighbors got a new trampoline, sooo we bought the old one!  (It was somewhat comical to watch the guys roll it across the yard and then hoist it over the fence!)  The trampoline we've been joking about now lives in our backyard!  The girls were inside during all of this, and Amarra looked out the window to see me bouncing around (gently, I promise!) and hollered at her sisters who joined her at the window, shrieked, and were out the back door (sounding like a bunch of banshees) in .6 seconds flat.  The next 3 hours were spent on the trampoline, until they were forced to come in for dinner and baths.  I think I know 3 girls who will sleep verry well this summer!

Go Elora!

Elora has been patiently waiting for the weather to cooperate long enough that she could learn to ride her bike without training wheels!  She decided a couple of years ago that she would learn when she was 6, and once she makes up her mind....... Well, today was the day!  She rode up and down the street giggling and yelling, "I'm doing it!!"  Way to go, Elora!!

The Ferris Wheel

Seleia has been begging to go on a ferris wheel for years.  Too often, though, it is just the girls and I at the fair or carnival and I can't very well be in 3 cars at once!! So after the girls finished their rides, Joel surprised Seleia with a few more tickets...just enough for the two of them to ride the big, bright wheel together!  She was giddy!!  She got nervous a couple of times when it really got moving, but Joel got her to look at the view and calm down right away.  The sky was bright pink and she got to see the whole carnival and the glorious sunset from  100 feet in the air!  The girls and I cheered from below.  I don't think Seleia stopped beaming for the rest of the evening!

Planters Day Carnival

We always look forward to the Woodland Planters Day Festival!!  Parades, carriage rides,  a carnival, frog jump, penny scramble, bed races, all sorts of fun stuff and...fireworks!!  We love to go down to the carnival on Thursday night, let the girls ride a few rides, play at the playground and soak in the excitement.  Then just before 10 o'clock we set up a little picnic right on the edge of Horseshoe Lake and watch a spectacular display of fireworks set off over the water.  The whole town comes out for the show! (Frankly, for a small town, it is extremely impressive.)  I love the way the excitement builds as the girls see the carnival being set up and then march by it in the Children's Parade.  You can't beat it!