Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Hiking in the Rain!

Today we braved the unseasonable weather and headed down to Sherwood, OR, for some fun and learnin'.  After a class on trees and forestry, we hiked through the wet, wet woods and learned so much!  We learned about the wildlife (clear down to buds and slugs!  Did you know that when you rub a millipede it releases a form of cyanide that smells exactly like almond extract?  Is it wrong that I thought the poison smelled delicious?) plants and trees.  (What to eat, what not to eat, how to handle nettle, what to wipe with -if necessary- and how to cure bee stings were just a few of the items covered.)  Our guide was amazing...knowledgeable, patient and very, very fun. We want to go back and take Daddy on a drier day so we can catch snakes and lizards, too!  It was one even minded the storm!


J+M+S said...

Fun, wish we could have been there! Great pictures too!

Saerwen said...

So fun, it is absolutly gorgeouse there! :)