Saturday, June 12, 2010

Cleanin' Up

A few months ago we went on strike against our dishwasher.  I'm not a fan of bending to load/unload it, can't stand listening to it (even though ours is quiet) and half of the time what I need is, well, dirty in the dishwasher!  If we just wash up what we use when we use it, we ending up doing half the work!  So we decided to save the dishwasher for big dinners and parties and the like, and use good ol' elbow grease for every day.  An added bonus?  If I don't get to the dishes immediately....someone small usually does.  Seleia and Elora are both very good about doing the dishes without being asked, and Amarra loves to dry!  I may need to throw a bath towel on the floor afterwards, but somehow I'm okay with that.

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J+M+S said...

Okay so the comments are over what you wrote this weird. Cute pictures though!!