Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Jetty

We love to explore!  While we were camping this weekend, we found a new...and very windy jetty that we had never hiked out to before.  There were ladybugs, beetles (green ladybugs?), feathers, rocks, driftwood and all sorts of interesting goodness hiding down at the water's edge.  We spent ages simply exploring all around the jetty and enjoying the spectacular view.


Anonymous said...

spectaular - wish I was there..... Love you, Mimi

J+M+S said...

Comment box in middle of pictures...again, just weird. Camping fun, yay!!! The mountains look BEAUTIFUL as do all the smiles!

Saerwen said...

B.U.TI.FULL!!!!!!!!! ;) I love the pictures. :) I heard that there was a posioness kind of Ladybug, that is just so weird. :) I think they live in Europe or something, I am not sure. :) It is so gorgeouse there, and with Elan it is perfect to look at the pictures. :)