Monday, October 19, 2009

Friday, October 16, 2009

The New House

So I ventured to take pictures today...which was, bien sur, dark and dreary.  I apologize should the house look somewhat polka dotted...there were raindrops on my lens!  I really think the boxes piled everywhere are a lovely touch as well.  BUT nevertheless....I threw in some pictures of the ledges so you can see what I'm talking about, Mimi!  And for some idea on scale, the larger of the picture frames sitting above the fireplace is just under 3 feet tall, and the chandelier sitting on the kitchen island is, well, huge.  The pinker than pink bedroom has been claimed by Miss Seleia and Elora and Amarra have decided they are sharing "the blue room".  They love the blue so much I've decided to leave it....for a little while.  The green curtains are in the master bedroom, which is  few feet larger than our current one.  The house sports a linen closet, coat closet and a pantry in addition to many many kitchen and bathroom cabinets and drawers.  These are things I've been missing severely!! You can see our garage and utility room...exciting, I know...and the view from our front porch. I threw in a picture of Eagle Park, the playground 2 doors down that I'm sure we'll get to know very well in the months to come. Voila.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

WE ARE MOVING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I now have our lovely new address, and will be emailing it out soon.

If I don't post much for the next few weeks, I'm sure you'll understand!  :)

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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Sauvie Island

This week we made our much anticipated trek to the Pumpkin Patch at Sauvie Island. (check it out here!)  The weather was perfect and the leaves are finally starting to turn their brilliant autumn hues!  The girls rode the cow train (All 4 girls. Amarra wouldn't go without Mama.)and played in, around and on the giant hay pyramid.  We all took a hay ride out to the fields and roamed around acres of pumpkins until we each picked our own personal favorite.  Seleia and Elora each made some friends...of course.  Then we had a lovely picnic (I brought apple slices and caramel dip, much to Seleia's delight, since her teeth -or lack thereof- make caramel apples a bit impossible.)at the gazebo and played with the antique tractors as the sun began to set, before heading home for some well earned shut-eye.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Mama's Little Helper

Seleia LOOOVES to help in the kitchen.  Her favorite thing is making any kind of bread from scratch..yeast bread in particular.  ("I love those little guys.  It's fun to watch them eat and get bigger!!") She recently made focaccia bread to go with the lasagna I prepared for dinner.  She also helped make a delicious sauce from fresh tomatoes (crushing them is always fun) and fresh herbs.  She loves to taste a recipe in progress and tell me what herbs and/or spices she thinks it needs.  9 out of 10 times she's right, too.

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Saturday, October 3, 2009

It's that time again!

After a lovely time at the fire station, the girls and I headed down to meet Auntie Stacey at The Home Depot in Jantzen Beach.  Today's project?  A Fire Station Bank!!  (Even on "non" school days, we get a theme! I say Non in quotation marks because EVERY day is a learning experience!)  Each bank has three slots in the top...Spend, Share and Save.  I think the Share slot will be for sharing with Jesus as we learn all about how to take care of our money. After completing their banks (FINALLY.  Each one of those things had like 20 nails.  That's helping the six and under crowd with 60 nails.  Took a bit.) they each got a certificate and a new set of watercolors. (Then we wandered around and looked at cool lighting fixtures and such.  Amarra is dead set on a pink and white ceiling fan for her room, if anyone wants to get her a $95 birthday present....)

Fire Station

This morning the girls and I headed to the Woodland Fire Station open house.  The girls got to climb all through a few different fire trucks, learn about equipment, and even spray the fire hose (Amarra declined that particular honor)!!  They met Smokey the Bear and Sparky the Fire Dog, ate popcorn and got big ol' goody bags.  Now that they have new fire hats (I finally threw out the ones from the last fire station we went to) I can probably look forward to a few "shows" about fire safety this week. (I particularly like when they crawl around on the ground with their mouths covered feeling the doors to see if they are hot.  Great entertainment.)
But they know what to do in a fire, so I can't complain,now, can I?  Until next time, stop, drop and roll, everybody!!