Saturday, October 3, 2009

It's that time again!

After a lovely time at the fire station, the girls and I headed down to meet Auntie Stacey at The Home Depot in Jantzen Beach.  Today's project?  A Fire Station Bank!!  (Even on "non" school days, we get a theme! I say Non in quotation marks because EVERY day is a learning experience!)  Each bank has three slots in the top...Spend, Share and Save.  I think the Share slot will be for sharing with Jesus as we learn all about how to take care of our money. After completing their banks (FINALLY.  Each one of those things had like 20 nails.  That's helping the six and under crowd with 60 nails.  Took a bit.) they each got a certificate and a new set of watercolors. (Then we wandered around and looked at cool lighting fixtures and such.  Amarra is dead set on a pink and white ceiling fan for her room, if anyone wants to get her a $95 birthday present....)

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Saerwen said...

That looks like fun!!!

Love ya guys,