Friday, October 2, 2009

Story Time

Today was Library day!!  Blake and Sam read a it's a, it's a rabbit and had a lively argument over how differently we can all view the same things.  After a few songs, dances, and some more stories about ducks riding bicycles and other such silliness the kids did a craft of the duck/rabbit head and a body of each animal...the head was taped to a straw and the bodies back to back so they can swivel around the straw.  you can play with a duck one minute and a rabbit the next.. all with the same toy! (And play with it they have been!!)  After checking out some books (Amarra begged for some Eric Carle -her favorite author- in Spanish, so this should be interesting!) we spent some time at the playground.  Good fun!!

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Anonymous said...

I love library day!! =D

Love Ya Guys,