Saturday, October 3, 2009

Fire Station

This morning the girls and I headed to the Woodland Fire Station open house.  The girls got to climb all through a few different fire trucks, learn about equipment, and even spray the fire hose (Amarra declined that particular honor)!!  They met Smokey the Bear and Sparky the Fire Dog, ate popcorn and got big ol' goody bags.  Now that they have new fire hats (I finally threw out the ones from the last fire station we went to) I can probably look forward to a few "shows" about fire safety this week. (I particularly like when they crawl around on the ground with their mouths covered feeling the doors to see if they are hot.  Great entertainment.)
But they know what to do in a fire, so I can't complain,now, can I?  Until next time, stop, drop and roll, everybody!!


Anonymous said...

Belive it or not, I have never been to a fire station. =D It sounds fun though. =D

Anonymous said...

Heather said:

I'll take fireman number#3:) Looks like a fun day, maybe we need to find a Mommy's Fire Station Open House:)

J/K Joel . . . j/k!

J+M+S said...

Next year Silas will love the girls smiles!