Thursday, June 10, 2010

Affordable Organic

The few sugary items we do keep in our jelly for those good ol' PB&J's....I think are very important to have in the healthiest form possible.  Organic jams (Yes, Mirriam, "delicious jams ans jellies"...) and such can run up to 8 or 10 dollars for a little pint jar, making them a definite luxury item.  However, if you take that same $8, a few jars and about a half hour of your time, you can have twelve pints of organic jelly along with the knowledge of exactly what went into it!  You need 6 cups of organic juice (for the grape jelly above, I used a Safeway brand organic juice...I'm told Publix has one as well....that tastes just like Welch's.), 7 cups of organic evaporated cane juice and two (this is important) boxes of pectin.  (Any pectin will do, but if you use the low sugar variety don't forget to adjust your recipe to 4 or 5 cups of  cane juice.)  Follow the directions for jelly from juice, boiling the ingredients and pouring them into hot, sterilized jars.  Add lids, rings and process (boil) for 5 minutes in a water bath canner or other large pot, making sure the boiling water covers the jars by 2 inches.  (If  you process in 2 batches, keep the 2nd batch immersed on hot water until it is their turn...if they cool they can easily crack when placed in boiling water.) Remove, cool, and make sure the lids seal properly.  Enjoy!  It's delicious!!

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Saerwen said...

Yum...Oh Yum oh yum! :) You are makin my mouth water. I love "Delicous jams and jellies" :)