Friday, June 18, 2010

Go Elora!

Elora has been patiently waiting for the weather to cooperate long enough that she could learn to ride her bike without training wheels!  She decided a couple of years ago that she would learn when she was 6, and once she makes up her mind....... Well, today was the day!  She rode up and down the street giggling and yelling, "I'm doing it!!"  Way to go, Elora!!


J+M+S said...

Way to go Elora!!! Woot Woot!

Anonymous said...

YEAH!!!!!! I am so proud of you Miss Elora!!! You are such a big girl! Tell Mama that you want to ride your bike to Mimi's house!!! ;)
I love you, Mimi

Fiona Everest said...

WWWWWHHOOOOOHOOOOOOO ELORA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is fun isn't it? :)