Friday, June 18, 2010

Planters Day Carnival

We always look forward to the Woodland Planters Day Festival!!  Parades, carriage rides,  a carnival, frog jump, penny scramble, bed races, all sorts of fun stuff and...fireworks!!  We love to go down to the carnival on Thursday night, let the girls ride a few rides, play at the playground and soak in the excitement.  Then just before 10 o'clock we set up a little picnic right on the edge of Horseshoe Lake and watch a spectacular display of fireworks set off over the water.  The whole town comes out for the show! (Frankly, for a small town, it is extremely impressive.)  I love the way the excitement builds as the girls see the carnival being set up and then march by it in the Children's Parade.  You can't beat it!


J+M+S said...

Oh, goodness, they are getting so big!

Fiona Everest said...

You guys are making me jealous for the second time today! :) It looks like a blast. :) Oh and the new blog is perfect!