Friday, June 4, 2010

First Baseball Game!!!

Today Seleia, Elora, Amarra and Joel attended their very first professional baseball game.  (The Portland Beavers are the farm team for the San Diego Padres.) Everyone got free Portland Beavers binders...which came in handy early on in the game as defense against the drizzle that insisted upon coming sideways at us even though we were under cover.  The girls, along with their friend Bella, cheered their little heads off and had not a few dance parties in support of the home team.  (A few times we did have to clarify that "Hit the ball!" was not what we wanted in that half of the inning, but Elora would enthusiastically switch to "Catch the ball!" without missing a beat.)  Seleia and Elora both were very curious about how the game worked, asked a lot of questions, and really seemed to pick up on it.  Amarra discovered 1,001 things to do with a giant foam finger.  Joel and I were entertained while, along with the game, we watched the effects of cotton candy in direct proportion to the enthusiasm of the previously mentioned dance parties.  We cant wait to do it again!  I've got 'em all hooked!


Saerwen said...

YAY!! :) Baseball games are awesome. :) I went to one about two years ago now. :) Seleia...I...Love...You...HAT! :) I want it. :)

J+M+S said...

We plan on taking Silas this year too! What fun you all had! Woot!

Betsy said...

Hey I was missin' my Juhala friends and I get a link from Sarah S to your blog! Love to you all. I like your countdown clock. Go Beavers! The funnest place to watch B-ball,less hype and expense than Mariners. :)