Monday, May 31, 2010


Today the Roberts family came over for a bbq, and much to everyone's delight, we pulled out the bubble machine.  (When they say gazillion bubbles, they're not kidding!)  Gryffin, Cordie and the girls ran around chasing, catching, batting at, eating (and even shooting I believe) bubbles for hours.  I love the giggles and shouts!!  (On a side note, see my pretty new lawn???)


Anonymous said...

Beautiful lawn, adorable children and a BBQ - what more could you ask? (Except, of course, for it to be in Georgia......) Side note: cute header picture, but with the name of the blog, I really, really liked the pictures of Joel and His Girls..... I love you! Mimi

J+M+S said...

Love the lawn...the bubbles are fantastic!!! bubble makers were a GREAT invention!

Saerwen said...

So cool! :) Bubbles are a lot of fun! (I am very partial to them...Melanie...If I mispelled that, I hope you understood. :)