Monday, May 24, 2010

Prehistoric Fun!!

Friday was Member Preview Day for the new Prehistoric Predators exhibit at the zoo.  (They had dinosaurs last summer, but this year there were more. Less frightening this year, too, which is a good thing.) We grabbed our boots and umbrellas and braved the rain for some dinosaur fun!  All of the dinosaurs are incredibly realistic- animatronic with sound effects, blinking eyes...and on a few occasions...spit (hence Elora and Joel heading in umbrellas first.  That guy really sprayed!).  When the mist got heavy and loud roars echoed out of it, the girls hollered and ran back towards me....and being the wonderful mother I am I took their picture and laughed at them a little bit before taking them slowly in to to mist to meet the culprit.  Each dino had a placard with its name, pronunciation and interesting tidbits, so it was educational, too!


J+M+S said...

Way cool!!! They look so real!

Saerwen said...

YAY!! I am so happy the girls got to go to one of those! :) They are awesome. :) WOW!! Did you guys have fun! :)