Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Our Friendly Little Waterfall

Every year at about this time we head up to Beaver Bay.  Every time we head up to Beaver Bay, we hike in from Yale Reservoir up stream to a little nameless waterfall.  Along the way we found some mushrooms that the girls are positive are inhabited by faeries, climbed many rocks and stumps, found some cool new walking sticks, and looked for salamanders and newts.  We were out of luck with the newt population, but did find...worms.  Of course, we also threw many, many rocks into the river.  (The sad part is...these are about half of the pictures and I swear the camera was in my pocket for most of the hike...I needed my balance!)  This was the first year Amarra was unassisted, and she is quite the little trooper!!  (The trails are intermittent, so you spend a good amount of time forging your way through over mossy rocks.)  I wish my little "pocket camera" could capture the beauty and do it justice, but you get the general idea!!  The whole hike is simply breathtaking.


Anonymous said...

WOW! So beautiful - I'm VERY jealous! I do love the northwest... What a great hike - love Joel's visor... You all look so happy! I love you all, Mimi

Anonymous said...

That is so BEAUTIFUL!! It is so pretty up there! :) Mushrooms are always inhabbitted by faeries. :D That timer on you sidboard is so cool! :)