Thursday, May 13, 2010

"Crazy" Ivar's

As soon as we decided to have lunch in Seattle, I could practically taste the halibut fish and chips!!
Our first stop was at the Ivar's on the waterfront, where feeding seagulls is highly encouraged (the pidgeons, not so much) and you can watch the ferries come and go.  The water and sky are full of very loud birds ("Mine!  Mine!") asking for your extra fries, fish, chicken strips....whatever.  The girls all giggled in glee as they sat at the edge of the water eating and sharing with the seagulls.  They both tossed their food for the sea gulls to catch and held out bites, which the scavengers gladly came and took from their hands. (Yeah, I never did decide how I felt about that, but I did have my trusty hand sanitizer with me.)  Once the girls ran out of scraps to give, pretty much every other person eating out there shared with them...some gave them entire plates of fries which Elora broke up into pieces to make last longer....and clapped every time a seagull got one out of their hands or caught one in midair.  Quite the show!


Anonymous said...

How much fun can one homeschool trip be????? Your daughters will remember that forever! I have NEVER been on a train, something I would like very much to remedy at some point! Perhaps a trip from Atlanta to Vancouver? I love you all, Mimi

J+M+S said...