Friday, July 30, 2010

Princess Tea

Saturday was my first post-hospital, non-doctor related outing...and what fun!  The girls and I attended a Princess Tea put on for the young ladies at our church. (The girls had sold quite a few tickets, so we couldn't miss it!)  It was a very fancy affair, with lovely treats, tiaras and boas for all.  After we ate, the girls listened to Gigi, God's Little Princess, a book we're fond of because it very clearly states that we are all true princesses, for we are daughters of the King!  We got to sit with Miss Elizabeth and Amarra played a perpetual game of peek-a-boo with Miss Morgan, who was at the next table.  Elora ate and drank everything with her pinkie up, and Seleia kept her tiara on for about 3 days afterward.  Said Seleia, "This is the best thing ever!"


J+M+S said...

Such fun! They are getting so BIG!!!

Saerwen said...

How cute!! :) That wounds like a good book. :)