Saturday, July 4, 2009

Independance Day Parade

This morning we headed down to our church building at 8:30 and helped throw together 1,000 hot dogs and at least that many otter pops. We then split into teams with coolers on wagons and headed out into the pre-parade crowd giving them away for free. You should have heard Elora, "FREE HOT DOGS! WHO WANTS A FREE HOT DOG? KETCHUP! MUSTARD!", working the crowd, of course, and waving to the onlookers. Amarra actually talked to strangers a few times, offering hot dogs in her very quietest voice. Seleia passed them out like crazy, even though the heat was really getting to her towards the end. We went back and watched the parade on the curb in front of the church building where I helped the girls (well, Amarra) catch the candy that they threw from the floats and Joel helped pass out free ice water to the crowd. (I tell you, people around here don't know what to do if it gets over 90 or under 30.) The girls even got some prizes and made friends with some of the other children... sharing candy with them, no less. Strangers kept telling me how sweet,wonderful and well behaved my girls were. : ) Always love that!


J+M+S said...

Great pictures!! Looks like a BLAST!!! I want a free hotdog!

√čarwen said...

Ditto, Mar!
the pictures are so cute!!!
No, I haven't seen the BBC Jane Eyre =D

"You are easily distracted, brother."