Thursday, July 23, 2009

Fairy Houses!

This morning we took Daddy to see Surf's Up at the theater.. the first time he's gotten to go to a movie with us!! (He and Seleia love some dorky movies together... Surf's Up, Bee Movie, Over the Hedge, etc. Looking over my shoulder he says I'm mean, but, hey, I just call it like it is. What's really funny is how much of the humor in these flicks our little comedienne gets.) Then we headed to good ol' Kazoodles for a "Make your own Fairy House" workshop. First Chelsea read a book about fairy houses and how the rules are that you can't use any items living or artificial. Then we all headed out back to construct!! The girls put theirs in boxes to bring home... we'll reconstruct and glue them together and place them in the backyard. Who knows what kind of fairies we might attract! After that it was off to Hidden Park... a little known park only accessible by alleyways between the houses in downtown Vancouver. (As there is only enough room for one car to park, we had it to ourselves!)

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J+M+S said...

Silas says "I like to swing too and mama can swing...and papa"