Friday, July 31, 2009

Jake the Alligator Man (and the 2-headed cow)

After we left the campsite we headed to Long Beach and Marsh's Free Museum.. home of such oddities as good ol' Jake and Nonni's cow. Then we wandered about town, visited some arcades and a shooting gallery, rode the carousel and visited lots of statues and sculptures. I found a great little used bookstore, Banana Books, where Seleia and I picked up the greatly anticipated Prince Caspian. (No luck on Jellybeans for Breakfast!) We ate lunch outside by the beach, bought Joel a cool new pirate beanie and visited the cool beach shops. Even Charlie the Hermit Crab got a new "Hermie Hut" with a surfer painted on the side. And, of course, we got a bunch of salt-water taffy!

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Saerwen said...

So much fun!! You guys have done a lot lately!!


Love ya guys,