Monday, June 15, 2009

This weekend found us camping at Cougar Park, on the breathtaking Yale Reservoir... 35 miles from our front door but seemingly an eternity away! It was incredibly peaceful. Our campsite was right on the water, totally secluded, and we had our own little lagoon to swim in! The weather was perfect and we even got to sleep without the rain cover on the tent. It was fun to hear the girls try to count the stars as they drifted off to sleep! We sat at our campfire and watched a hawk dive for a fish....successfully! The girls cheered him on quite enthusiastically! There were birds EVERYWHERE! The only scavengers around were giant crows (we debated whether they were crows or ravens, but decided on crows since they definitely said "CAW" and we never once heard a "NEVERMORE".) We discovered, much to our amusement, that if you leave a costco box of frito-lay products on the picnic table while you go swimming that crows can indeed, in Over the Hedge fashion, Read the box. They can OPEN the box. They can REMOVE one bag each of Cheetos, Sun Chips, Lays, and Barbecue Lays and OPEN said bags. However, should you return unexpectedly and catch them in the act, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM WILL GRAB A CHEETO as it flies away. (The barbecue chips they ignored and threaw in the dirt. Crows have discerning palates.)

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