Monday, June 22, 2009


This morning saw the beginning of "Son Rock Kids Camp" VBS for the girls. ( Elora couldn't wait to go to "PBS kids"!) I didn't do so well with taking Seleia to the 2nd grade class. How did that happen????? I missed out on the fun today but will be working there Wednesday through Friday. Tomorrow they wear "team colors" which means white for Seleia. She wants to wear that skirt/legging combo she got from Miah with her white tank top, but I refuse to send desperately seeking susan to church. We'll have to see what we can come up with!!

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Anonymous said...

Um, sorry, NO way!
You are talking to an OFFICIAL SNAKE EYES LOVER and you will NOT get me to back down, not even if your name is Thomas Arashikaga!
"Real American heroes."
But I must warn you - it's rated PG-13 for 'dancers' *ahem* so we're ClearPlaying it when it comes out.
There's a HILARIOUS part at the end of one of the previews where Roadblock and an agent I don't know are chasing Baroness and Stormshadow in their Accelerator suits.
They jump, you see one crash through the train, and they both land on the other side.
In a heap, one gets up and says "What did you do?"
Roadblock says "I jumped through the train. You?"
"I jumped over it."
" can do that?"