Thursday, September 10, 2009

Seleia Knits!

Since beginning to teach Seleia to knit yesterday (at her repeated request), I am ASTOUNDED at how well she is doing. She woke me up (way too early) to help her fix a mistake, and every time she has a break for a few minutes I know where I'll find her...yup, on the couch, knitting! She is much better than I was on my first project. (Should I have a complex?) She makes mistakes, but she catches them and brings me her knitting to help her fix them. Her scarf is almost two feet long now! (I do think, however that she has a slight advantage in that her teacher is a fairly new knitter herself and remembers all the things she wished someone had told her when she first started out!) I have to admit it, Joel and I are so proud of her!


J+M+S said...

That is AMAZING!!!! Way better than I did when first learning!!!

Anonymous said...

So cute, all the pictures here are great.
Maybe you girls can teach me next!
You really do have a beautiful family.
-Jenn Sheline