Saturday, September 18, 2010

Baby Update

I think Annie said it best....."Little Dash is already trying to live up to his name, isn't he?"  This has been an interesting week! I spent most of it having 3 minute long contractions every 5 minutes.  After trying everything else with not much success (only small reprieves before they started right back up again) I ended up on a magnesium drip Thursday evening, which finally began to work sometime around 4 a.m.on Friday. (Then, with some other lovely medical assistance, I finally got some sleep!!) Even my doctor was surprised, as he fully expected me to be having a c-section by then!  They covered all the bases by giving me a series of steroid shots to speed up the development of Dashiell's little lungs, which I must admit, as much as I hate piling on the medication, gives me a huge sense of relief!!  So now...only God knows!  We could be back in the Birthing Center having a baby tomorrow, or Dash could stay put until October 20th and I might have another month of normal activity ahead of me.  I'll say one thing.......having a boy is already keeping me on my toes!  Monday, barring unforeseen circumstances, we head back to Maternal Fetal Medicine for another 3D ultrasound to check out Dash's development, size, and how his little kidney is holding up. I'm sure he's a doing beautifully and is already a decent size, but I am looking forward to taking a peek at the little trouble maker.  In the meantime, thank you for your prayers!!

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Saerwen said...

I like what Annie said. :) You have had a busy week!