Friday, September 3, 2010

Locks of Love

Today was a big deal!  Seleia has been asking for a haircut for a while, and I finally decided that that was fair, since she is responsible for taking care of her own hair now....might as well let it be manageable, eh? After further discussion we decided that cutting 6 inches off and throwing it away would be a waste, so we decided to chop off the full 10 inches and donate her hair to locks of love.  When we were waiting at the salon, they asked how many of the girls were getting their haircut, and Seleia and Elora both raised their hands eagerly...what was I to do??  (Amarra declined.....PHEW!!...and waited patiently, enjoying the festivities.)  So in went two ponytails and off came 20 plus inches of hair!! (Tomorrow I'll post what it actually looks like dry.  They both look so great!)  I did okay, but a woman waiting for her styling appointment gasped both time the ponytails came off....she almost made me do a "what was I thinking??" type double take, but it quickly went away.  Both girls have been beaming all day!  Seleia waited for the bus to show her BF Lauren when she got home from school.....and L responded perfectly...running up to Seleia and screaming "HOLY COW!" at the top of her lungs.  *sigh*  Where did my babies go?

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Anonymous said...

OMG they look AWESOME!!!! What freaking cute hair cuts . . . I can't believe how old they make them look :(( ( (super sad face). Too, too adorable! And, I'm so proud of them for donating to Locks of Love!