Thursday, April 29, 2010

Easter Dinner

This year we had the pleasure of joining our favorite family, the (dread pirate) Roberts (sorry, couldn't help it!), for Easter dinner and a lively egg hunt.  Diane and Derek (Heather's parents) gave each of the girls a fuzzy fairy coloring book which kept them quite occupied before dinner.  After a lovely meal together, the girls got to join Gryffin and Cordie, their adopted cousins, along with Kaven and Braylen , G & C's "real" cousins, on a mighty hunt for eggs galore.  We're always grateful for good friends, good food, and good fun!


Anonymous said...

Boy, did you guys have fun!!! I love the dress's Girls. :)

God Bless YOu Guys,

J+M+S said...

Ohh....looks like so much fun, love the dresses!