Thursday, April 29, 2010

Easter Morning

Easter morning at our house is fairly low-key.  We celebrate the resurrection of Christ with very simple Easter baskets and family time together before we head to church.  We love to honor this day, but don't want it to be, well, all about the candy.  Each girl gets a few pieces of "healthy" candy (panda licorice, fruit leather) and a gift.  This year Joel helped me to make play dough...scents, sparkles and all!  Each little lady got 4 glass jars containing different colors, with pictures they had drawn cut out, glittered, and glued to the lids for a personal touch! (I could personally play with the lemon scented sparkly yellow for hours.)  We love this play dough..and the best part is that when it someday dries out, we can just cook up some more!

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redheadedhalfling said...

Awesome idea Melanie!! :) Totaly cool. :)

God Bless You Guys,