Thursday, April 22, 2010

Spring at the Zoo!

Well, We hadn't been to the zoo in just over *gasp* a month, so last weekend we (along with the rest of the Portland Metro Area) packed a picnic and headed off for adventure.  It as the first time we'd been there with the Zoo Train was running again after winter, so we hopped on the caboose and enjoyed a lovely ride! (Seleia and Elora felt quite grown up with a seat to themselves.)  The girls got animal stamps galore, got to play in a little bit of water, and used their zoo keys at every opportunity.  (Elora carried her purse through the zoo all day and kept her zoo map it at every exhibit to make sure she knew exactly where we were on the map.  Maps and Calendars have been quite the obsession lately.  A good gift idea for her: Portland area Thomas Guide.)  Amarra strutted her stuff in a pair of my shades since her sunglasses were temporarily MIA.  Seleia made about 50 new friends.  After a few hours of animals we headed down into Washington Park for a picnic and some time at the playground. (The only playground I know that even beats the ones in Central Park.  We were jipped as kids...wood, metal, and bark dust.  Ha!)   I quite officially am ready for SUMMER!  The sunny trip to the zoo did it.  Bring on the sun!


Anonymous said...

I love the pictures! The girls are beautiful, and Joel looked like he was having a blast, BUT..... where is the picture of Melanie with child?????????? I want one of those! I love you all! Mimi

Anonymous said...

I want to go to the the zoo now! :) I love all the pictures! :)

God Bless You All,