Friday, August 27, 2010

Artsy Smartsy

I know I've said it, but we looove Kazoodles!  We headed downtown to the end-of-summer party, Artsy Smartsy, to create, play, and have some fun!  The girls made cards and played with markers, pencils, and rubber stamps.  The biggest hit by far, however, was sand art!  The pictures they ended up with were amazing!  (The sand art was foolproof: sticker sheets where you pick a design then peel the different sections away, one at a time, adding your desired color as you go!  I've gotta get me some o' those!)  Amarra was so focused on her under the sea picture that a few adults oohed and aahed her level of concentration.  Seleia, the astronomy nut, did two outer space pictures while Elora did her rocket in no time flat, made some cards, and then proceeded to play with every toy in the store while all of the other children caught up.  Thanks, Kazoodles!

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J+M+S said...

VERY cool store indeed!!:)I want one!!