Thursday, August 19, 2010

Robot Party!

Today was the annual robot party at Kazoodles! Everyone played "pin the battery on the robot, made robot puppets, and played a variety of robot themed games.  Seleia and Amarra loved the wooden stacking robots (I want some!) while Elora beat the boys at moving marbles from one bowl down to another with a "robot arm".  They each made their own personal robot out of cardboard boxes, and everyone got a stretchy robot to take home!  (Upon arriving home, the girls promptly glues jewels all over the front of their robots...Elora's got a necklace and I saw a crown taped to the top of Amarra's...played with them for a while, and then cut holes in their backs.  The rest of the evening was spent delivering mail to eachother via their shiny new robot mailboxes.  Aaah, the imagination!)

P.S. Neal family....if you ever need gift ideas for my children, check out my wish list on the Kazoodles website.  Hint hint...

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