Friday, November 5, 2010

The Patch

Four years now we've lived in Woodland, and we never knew that the coolest pumpkin patch was right here in town. It is run my the lovely Dave and Julie Donald, and has, of course, pumpkin launching. The girls had an amazing amount of fun in the hay maze and posing as scarecrows (and, yes, I know putting the baby up for a photo op makes me a special kind of bad mom. I couldn't help myself.). Dave gave us a lovely little private hay ride where he took us to see a barn full of pregnant cows and to a field where he picked each of the girls their very own special "Little October" pumpkin to take home. We launched pumpkins across the field (that loud splat when they hit the target is oddly satisfying, I must say.) and cheered each other on, and then grabbed a wheelbarrow and headed out for the big pumpkins! Everyone enjoyed wandering the fields (it was beautiful!!) We loaded up on delicious pumpkins and had a wonderful time!

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Fiona Everest said... JEALOUS!! AURGH! :)