Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Splish Splash!

Every evening when it is not raining our family loves to head out on a walk and explore for an hour or so. (For a while there we had a dry spell and got to go every day! Not so much lately!!) Last week it was pouring so hard that we could barely see across the street  and then suddenly...glorious sun! We threw our boots on and headed out quickly before it could downpour again. The older neighborhoods nearby don't have sidewalks, so the girls stomped through puddles for a few blocks, loving every minute and giggling with delight. At one point the puddles actually got deeper than the boots were tall.......Elora thought the squishing in her boots the rest of the was home was FAN-tastic. (Amarra, not so much. But she decided it was worth it for the puddles.)

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Fiona Everest said...

PUDDLES PUDDLES!!!! Love them, wish I had something other then flip flops, nice tennis shoes, and fancy ones to jump in them with. :)