Tuesday, August 11, 2009


We went to a bowling party with the Remily family yesterday... a little regular bowling for the grownups ..I got 5 strikes! : ).. and bumper for the 8 and under crowd. This was the girls 3rd time ever bowling (and, funny, all 3 have been with the remilys!) and we had so much fun! They loved the game and they kept winning candy prizes, so they were really hopped up by the time we got out of there! Seleia would like to say that she bowled only with a ball that was an 8 and one that was a 6, and she rolled them tons of times (we played 2 games) and they went really fast down the bowling board!


Saerwen said...

So much fun!!!!! =D

Love ya guys,

J+M+S said...

Ohhh...we love bowling...can't wait to take Silas!