Thursday, August 6, 2009

What happened to Lazy Days of summer?

I feel that during busy summer weeks as this I must feel how non-homeschooling parents feel the rest of the year. I pity them! After turning down numerous engagements this week our schedule is still quite full as many of our summer activities wrap up! We started Wednesday morning going to see Seleia's favorite flick, Bee Movie (GGB would be proud), and I have to say I enjoyed it much more on the big screen than I did on dvd. All the flying was much cooler, and so help me Patrick Warburton just cracks me up! From there we headed to Esther Short Park in downtown Vancouver for a picnic at an outdoor concert. We heard an acoustic Portland band called Key of Dreams whom I really enjoyed, as did the girls. Elora & the pips danced their little heart out! After some time at the playground (and a quick walk by Starbucks) it was off to the Woodland Library for the last summer reading program, rhythm and magic....thoroughly entertaining... followed by an ice cream social where the girls got to hang out with Sierra, Ruby, and Gus, some of their favorite pals! Amarra, for the first time, conquered the "swirly thing" at the playground there and was EXTREMELY proud! (Sierra and Ruby are both tall 6 year old girls as well! Well, sort of tall next to Seleia. ) After that we came home and had Tristan, Seleia's good 6 1/2 year old buddy next door, over for some time in the pool. Everyone slept very well lastnight,

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J+M+S said...

Good times!! Loving the long curly hair on Amarra!And I have decided that Elora has a Pixie grin, Seleia is looking alot like her Mama with a dash of her dad thrown in!