Saturday, August 1, 2009


We started the day off building away at Home Depot. The girls made cool message boards and we bought a petunia for our Petunia! (Amarra, for anyone who might not know that.) We then drove around the marina admiring the view and headed from there to Farmer's Market. All in all an exciting morning! We forgot our aprons, but that didn't stop anybody! Today was our first project involving hammers AND screwdrivers... the girls couldn't get over the magnetic bits. Quite entertaining really. We finished the day with dinner, praise and worship with friends(between our three families, 18 wonderful kids!). The children all learned about God's motives behind his commandments... when He loves us more than anything, only wants the best for us, and we can't see the big picture that He does, maybe we should trust and obey more often, hmmm?


Anonymous said...

I like that...

Love ya guys,

J+M+S said...

Good times!!!