Sunday, August 30, 2009

Playtime in the Mornin'

When the girls wake up in the morning, a variation of one princess game or another usually begins right away. This morning it was in Elora and Amarra's room, with the plush princesses (displayed proudly by Elora on her bed), Prince Phillip, and due to lack of men to go around, Prince Woody. Elora requested that her picture be taken with her "angel princess", Marabelle Lavinia Chandelier. Amarra quickly followed suit with, "Take my picture with her. Now her. Now her." And would like very much to show everyone her "monkey feet" on her monkey jammies. (Playing five little monkeys with her feet with those pj's on always gets a few good belly laughs.) Seleia was all smiles, giving Elora a penny-bank (translation:piggy-back) ride and hanging upside-down from Amarra's bed. The girls, being siblings, may bicker from time to time, but I love that they are truly best friends with each other and can't wait to see each other each and every brand new day. We are very blessed.


J+M+S said...

So adorable!!! Those jammies just don't look as cute on adults!!:( Love the monkey feet!

Anonymous said...

Morning is my favorite time of the day becouse everything is fresh. It looks like you all had fun! =D