Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas Eve

For those who may not know, each of the girls has a special collection of Christmas ornaments from their Mimi.  Each year she bestows a new ornament upon them: a star for Seleia, a heart for Elora and Miss Amarra gets a snowflake.  (Mimi told Seleia that when she gets married she should by then have enough to fill her own tree.  Joel gave Seleia full permission to hang up on Mimi should the subject of any of his daughters getting married  come up ever again.)  This year the ornaments arrived on Christmas Eve, and the girls were giddy with excitement when the package arrived, knowing it must contain their ornaments!  While the other gifts were set aside for Christmas morning, the ornaments were opened right away and, with much fanfare, placed upon the tree.  Elora hung her sparkly new heart "right here where I can see it always" (translation: eye level) and proceeded to pose for 12 or 13 pictures with it.   During the afternoon there was baking, cooking, caroling, and at one point Seleia took a jaunt to the North Pole. Later in the evening, as the whirlwind of preparation for the Big Day settled down, we all opened our Christmas Eve presents, of which we each get one every year.  I got beautiful, long drooled after red bakeware to make Christmas Dinner that much prettier, Joel got a t-shirt stating simply "I'm An Other" (If you don't get it, don't hurt yourself trying.) and the girls each got a nightgown to sleep in that night.  They ran to put them on, then ran out so I could take their pictures in them.  Elora then posed for 12 or 13 more pictures with her ornament.  Then after Joel read "'Twas the Night Before Christmas" we nestled our own little ones snug in their beds. (Had they any idea what a sugarplum actually was, there would have been visions aplenty.)

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