Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Juhala Family Christmas

The day after Christmas we went to the Juhala Homestead (Joel's parents' house) for a family celebration.  Uncle Jesse, Janelle and Phil were all present.  We broke bread together and then exchanged gifts!  Elora was Santa Claus, hat and all, for all of the gifts under the tree.  Then  the girls had to sit on the couch and cover their eyes (no peeking!)  While the manfolk went to get the girls' gift from the other room.  Grandpa and Grandma gave the girls what is quite possibly the largest Barbie house I have ever seen, complete with furniture (the oven lights up, the fireplace makes noise and the phone rings!) accessories, some clothes, some babies and a flower covered Volkswagen beetle!  (I would have been the envy of all the girls I knew had my Barbies ever had such a mansion!  At one point all 3 girls were IN it, and Amarra can easily fit through the front door.  Which she went in and out over and over and over again.)  Now their Disney princesses and beanie babies have the loveliest of "feasts" every day in their new home.  Thanks guys!


J+M+S said...

The girls look THRILLED and that is HUGE!!!! AmAZINGLY HUGE>>>puts our little chair homes (the chairs from the orange table)to shame...but I kinda liked our version better myself!!:)

Anonymous said...

Tha is so COOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

God Bless You Guys,