Thursday, January 28, 2010


I love having a new neighborhood to explore!  One thing I love about it here is that there are little neighborhood parks tucked in every few blocks.  We have a terrific playground 2 lots down from us, but it doesn't have swings!  SOO, when the girls want to swing we can hop on scooters and head about 1/3 mile away to another playground that does.  (Ours has cooler play equipment, though!)  When we head the other direction, there is a little loop that doesn't have its mcmansions built yet even though the roads are in, so we can scoot around (okay, they scoot, I walk.  I told Joel I need a scooter!) it and 4 times is 1 mile!  And its gorgeous, right at the foot of the hills.  We're nestled halfway between the river and the foothills, maybe 1/2 mile or so away from each, so there is plenty of scenery.  Whenever there is a "sunbreak" (or at least a break from the rain), out we go!

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