Thursday, January 21, 2010

Zoo Trip!

Yesterday we decided to grab what umbrellas we had and brave the January rain (brr!) for a much needed trip to the zoo.  Elora was thrilled to get an adult sized umbrella (her Hello Kitty one died) and gave us a few choruses of Singin' in the Rain, umbrella twirling and all.  We practically had the whole zoo to ourselves! I think we saw about 10 or 12 other people, tops.  We had a picnic by the sea lions in Stellar Cove when the rain momentarily decided to pour (dinner and a show!) and then headed to see the bears!  We found out that Seleia is the same height as a Sun Bear.  Then we headed where it was warm...Africa!  The Predators of the Serengeti exhibit is usually a bit toasty for my tastes, but yesterday it felt niiice.
All of the animals were out to say hello!  Our favorite is the cheetahs...there is a safari vehicle the kids (and young at heart) can climb into that is half in and half out of the cheetah habitat.  So, you're in the passenger area, and the cheetahs are from time to time...on the hood.  A windshield away.  Pretty cool.  (They have heaters under the hood to attract the kitties.) A few hippos, zebras and giraffes later we headed to the rainforest (also usually to hot for me, but not this time!) and Amarra went nose to nose through the glass with a crocodile!  After seeing the bats at feeding time and visiting the lorikeets we headed to our nice warm home.  But even in the cold we had so much fun!  We love the zoo!

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J+M+S said...

We do too!!! SO much fun adn love the pictures!