Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sleeping Queens

This game gets played EVERY DAY.  Elora got it for Christmas (Thanks, Auntie Heather!) and I would not be lying to tell you that it has been played every single day since then.  You try to wake the queens, and for this you need a king.  You can steal a queen with a knight, defend her with a dragon.  You can put an opponent's queen back to sleep with a sleeping potion, or save her wand.  The cool part, though, is that the rest of the cards are numbers.  You can lay a number down on the discard pile to try to get a "power card", OR an addition in 3 + 4 + 7...and get THREE new cards instead.  Elora, who has been doing addition in school, can now figure out everything under 10.  "I"M A NEW ADDER GIRL!" was the shout the day she no longer needed a buddy to play.  Amarra can do the simplest sums, but will bring her hand to Mama or Daddy to check if "any of dese go togedder" for anything more complicated.  I'll usually join in on a hand or 2 during the day and Joel will usually play a few rounds in the evening.  He has fun, too.  We're winning him over!

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