Saturday, November 13, 2010

Crazy Girl

For Seleia's birthday, her grandma took her out for a day of fun and shopping. Grandma took her the one place she always wants to go but Mama will almost never take her.....the mall. Apparently they now have bungee jumping in the middle of the mall. 'Cause that makes sense. Grandma sent me this picture from her phone after Seleia told me all about it, letting me know that, "the boy in front of me went so high, he was clear up to the balcony!! But don't worry, mom, I didn't go quite so high!" *sigh* My baby really is a little girl no more!


J+M+S said...

We ALWAYS stop and watch those when we are at the mall... soo cool!

Fiona Everest said...

Just like our mall, and Melenie, your like Mom. :) You will hardely ever go to the mall. :) I always wanted to do one of those things. :)