Saturday, November 13, 2010

Shark Teeth!

Elora, after having had two loose teeth for months, finally lost them! Her first teeth! We discovered throughout the course of the day that her grown-up teeth were coming in behind the babies, so she had time to mentally prepare for the fact that that would be the night. (Also, she got to listen to the rest of us saying, "Shark Teeth, ooh ha ha!!" for the rest of the day. My bad.) While pulling the first tooth she discovered there was blood involved, and some minor hysteria ensued. She had no interest in pulling tooth number two! Then a little birdie told her that if you lose two teeth in the same day the Tooth Fairy not only doubles your money, she triples it. Elora took the dental floss and pulled that tooth! She was so excited, "Now I want to call all my friends and tell them!!" and reminded me gently at bedtime, "Don't forget to be the tooth fairy tonight, Mama!". 


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Whoohoo Elora!! :) (You have a clever kid Melenie :)