Sunday, November 29, 2009

Decorating Fun!

Every Year the girls look forward to decorating their bedrooms while I attack (with occasional help) the rest of the house.  Here, the stockings for their bedrooms were being put to more, umm...practical use.  There is nothing like decorating the day after Thanksgiving to start the Christmas season off right!!  The girls have always been fascinated by nativity scenes, and always want to touch and play with them. (What kid doesn't?  They're like Bethlehem action figures!)  This year we surprised them with a playmobil nativity. We assembled it and set it up after they went to bed on Thanksgiving, so it was waiting for them in front of the fireplace the next morning. I was awakened by a very excited Elora, "MOM!  Can I play with your JEJUS LEGOS?!?" (Yes, she says Jejus.)  I can't believe how many Bethlehem scenarios we've seen played out over the last couple of days.  I love it!

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J+M+S said...

Silas did the same thing with the stockings...ha!!:)