Thursday, November 26, 2009


I cannot remotely do these lights justice with my camera.  Since these lights are all the girls are talking about, I thought I would try to share them with you....but alas, I can only give you a vague impression.  The top is a string of red lights, with the white icicles hanging from them.The bushes have white lights on them and the garland Has red and white lights striped around it, candy cane style.  The "lighty-up" wreath in the window has white lights, and the real wreath will go on the front door tomorrow.  The ribbon I did the florist bows with this year is cream and  golden with poinsettias all over it.  I tied bows on the lanterns on the front of the garage, too, just for good measure.  The random red light on the left of the porch is Rudolph's nose.  That stinkin' reindeer is their favorite thing, so whaddaya do?


Anonymous said...

I wish we had them!!
Okay, snow - what's in it for me? *sly grin*
Tell Joel he was mentioned in my Thanksgiving post... he'll probably hate me for announcing it to the world, though...

Anonymous said...

I love the lights!! We got some blue iclicles hanging right in front of our door. =D

God Bless You Guys,