Sunday, November 29, 2009

Zoo Lights!!!!!!

Every year our family bundles up on the day after Thanksgiving and heads down to Zoo Lights at the Oregon Zoo. It's tradition!  (He always turns around and waves from the gate! It's tradition!) (If you don't get that last bit in parentheses, don't worry about it!)  You would think that since it is not open to the public until Saturday, that member preview night would would be nice and laid back, but noooo.  It is actually the zoo's busiest time of the year.  But, being gluttons for punishment, we go back rain or shine, year after year!  (Somewhere in October I start hearing, "Mama, how many days till zoo lights?" )  This year we headed down a couple of hours early to beat the rush.  We got to see some animals, have a turkey sandwich picnic, and get in line for the train right when it opened at dusk.  We got on the train (which is also covered in lights) just as darkness fell (which beats the 2 hours we waited last year!!) and when we stepped off of the magical ride, we entered a winter fairyland of lights!!  We went to see Amarra's favorite (the giraffe) and then walked around for a couple of hours taking in the sights.  The girls loved their hot chocolate and popcorn, and the weather was perfect! (No rain, and it was cold but no one needed snowsuits this year!)  Now Christmas has officially begun!


J+M+S said...

Love the pictures...I wish our zoo did that. THe tutu skirts with coats and hats is wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Methinks I caught an Ever After reference . . . ahhhh you are truly my kindred friend:) Can't wait to meet up with you guys at the zoo . . . we've got tutus in abundance:)